Why Are Submissive Women Submissive?

Last Updated: November 12, 2016

Why are some women submissive while others aren't? Psychologists say that it all has to do with how they were raised.

In our western culture little girls are taught to be agreeable and supportive. That's the feminine role they're programmed to play.

In contrast, little boys are told to be tough, reliable and to stand up and fight for what they believe. Their role is to be the champion of the family and a good provider.

Many little girls are carefully conditioned to never say no - especially to men. If a mother hears her daughter say no, she's likely to chastise the girl and accuse her of being "rude". A woman's role is to be a constant source of support within the family. They're taught that role and men are taught to expect and depend on the encouragement of their woman.

Sweet, agreeable, highly supportive women are highly prized by men and the wife who withdraws her support and encouragement from her husband and/or family will soon find herself in divorce court.

Asian Women

Oriental women are culturally programmed to be even more submissive and obedient. This is no doubt why so many Western single men who are posted to nations such as Thailand come home with Thai wives. I spent several years posted to Bangkok and I can tell you the Thai women are not only lovely to look at but very docile and submissive in the bedroom, a trait American men find endlessly fascinating. The extreme submissiveness of oriental women is a critical part of their mystique.

In our culture little girls are taught to always obey mature men and that paradigm begins with their relationship with their father. Young girls are taught that "daddy always knows best". The early relationship they have with their fathers becomes the model for all future relationship with men of all types.

A recent HBO documentary on street prostitutes in New York City revealed that most if not all of the girls interviewed either had no father available during their formative years or worse yet, their father or father figure sexually molested them. Today the only relationship many of them have with men is with the customers they service on the streets.

Automatically Give In

These little girls are taught to avoid confrontation at all costs. They're taught that real ladies don't cause conflict and violence, they're supposed to do everything they can to quell and prevent altercations. As a consequence young women are taught to avoid conflict by swallowing their pride and giving in to the demands of others rather than stand up and complain. It's not a lady's role to complain.

I can remember an incident many years ago where the Queen of England had a pie thrown in her face. As she was wiping the mess from her face with a towel she was smiling graciously as if nothing had happened. She may have had some negative thoughts in her head such as "why did you do that you stupid idiot!" but she maintained her calm composure and never let any anger show. She said nothing, swallowed her pride and went about her duties as if nothing had happened. This is how ladies are supposed to act. Don't make waves and don't do or say anything that might rock the boat.

Some women are brought up to never say no to any man. If they should say something negative that upsets others, they immediately feel a deep sense of guilt, shame and remorse.

All of this cultural programming leaves women feeling insecure and inadequate and that has inevitable consequences. They tend to crave the attention and the approval of people, especially men. Their sense of inadequacy leaves them convinced that they aren't worthy of a loving relationship.

So many tend to seek out any male attention they can garner. In short, they confuse shallow attention with genuine affection.  It's common for a submissive female to be so motivated to earn male attention they'll do virtually anything (and this includes a wide range of sexual acts) in order to earn a man's satisfaction. A submissive woman will commonly attach themselves to a man, any man, with a perseverance that defies description. 

They also don't feel they are worthy of real sexual satisfaction so they seek out any sexual encounter they can find. They'll quickly settle for the kind of dangerous and damaging relationships other women would reject. This is why many submissive women are so highly promiscuous.



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