What Do Submissive Women Want?


Submissive women have told me on many occasions that their deepest desire is to surrender control to a man. Many submissive women love the mental state they call "Sub-Space". It's a euphoric, intensely pleasurable and relaxed state of mind they can only achieve when a man has taken control of them and is telling them what to do.

When I take control of a submissive woman by pulling her hair, I often feel her body go limp, a smile passes over her face and she'll usually gasp or sigh. This is when they make the transition to sub-space.

Other submissive ladies have a somewhat different approach. They don't much care about sub-space but instead are driven by a deep, passionate desire to please a man who takes control of them. When I've asked ladies if they enjoy it when they please me and give me pleasure, they always answer with a broad smile. Giving their man pleasure makes them very happy, content and nothing else can satisfy them. 

Submissive Women Are Not All the Same

After you've met two or three submissive women you may start thinking that they're all the same. I fell into this trap myself and I can tell you this for a fact - submissive women vary widely.

In my experience most submissive women enjoy having their hair pulled, their face slapped and an occasional smack on the rear. But outside of that they are far from uniform. Before your first "scene", be sure to ask your new lady for her limits.

Face slapping: Most submissive women enjoy at least an occasional face slap as long as you don't do any damage to their face or rearrange their dental work. Some relatively rare women enjoy face slapping much more. I've met a few ladies who had orgasms when I slapped them harshly but they're the exception rather than the rule. 

Hair Pulling: I've yet to meet a submissive lady that didn't enjoy having her hair pulled. Grabbing a woman's hair and giving it a firm pull is usually the first thing a man does when he takes control of a submissive woman. I've met women who enjoy being led around the room on their hands and knees by their hair.

Humiliation: Here is a very controversial subject. Most submissive women enjoy being called names, particularly when a man whispers something like "you're just a hot little slut" in her ear when she's sexually excited. Such dirty talk is almost always welcomed. I've found that many submissive women deeply crave deep humiliation. They deeply enjoy having a man insult them. They may also enjoy crawling on all fours to your command. They also enjoy being called extremely humiliating names.  

Spanking: Most submissive women like most women in general, enjoy a mild spanking. A few whacks on the backside can only crank up the sexual excitement level of any scene. But there are women who are spanking enthusiasts. They seek out others who enjoy receiving and administering spankings. In any large metropolitan area you'll find at least one or two groups of spanking enthusiasts in operation.

The women I've known have fallen into three separate categories when it comes to spanking.

1. Women who don't want to be spanked

2. Women who enjoy a light spanking

3. Women who enjoy a firm, longer-lasting spanking

4. Women who enjoy being spanked until they break down and cry (such women crave the cathartic emotional release such an experience can create)

Hand Choke: Most submissive women enjoy having a man wrap his hand around their neck. It's not that you're going to actually cut off their breathing, it's the degree of control it infers. I particularly enjoy taking control of a submissive woman by pulling their hair with my left hand while I clamp my right hand around their throat. This gives me the feeling of complete control and at the same time causes the submissive woman to feel a profound loss of control.


Have a dinner or at least a cup of coffee before you have your first scene with a new submissive woman. During that meeting ask her what activities she likes and what her soft limits are. Soft limits are things that she would rather not do but doesn't find completely unacceptable. Hard limits are things she absolutely refuses to become involved in.

Always tell a new submissive lady that you're not into anything extreme. If she desires an activity that is unusually extreme, you can always discuss that and make an exception. But up front she'll want to hear that you're not involved sexually with dogs, children, enemas, knives or any activity that might cause a submissive woman to shed blood.

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