DaddyDOM Secrets

Last Updated: November 12, 2016

Why would an attractive sexy young woman of college age want to have sex with an old man? It doesn't make any sense that a desirable young woman would want to have anything to do with an old man. But here's the truth. Many sexy young women age 18-25 dream of sexually pleasing a man 20, 30, or even 40 years their senior. This is called the DaddyDOM desire.

If a woman is raised in a normal two parent household complete with two parents both of which give her the support, love and protection she needs to develop into a confident well balanced woman, she'll most probably end up married to a nice man of her own age.

But what happens if a girl is raised in a home where there is no father due to his death, a divorce or an unexplained departure? The little girl never gets the male attention and love she so badly craves. Her development as an individual is stunted and as a result she grows into a young lady who never experienced the fatherly affection and attention a young girl so badly needs.

This leaves many young women obsessed with the deep desire to experience a sexual union with an older father figure. This is where the concept of the DaddyDOM comes in. The DaddyDOM is an older man who gives the young lady the love and attention she so badly needs and in return she is happy or even eager to please her Daddy sexually.

Her Heart Belongs to Her DaddyDOM

When she was a child, if she had a father - pleasing him paid off. After all, her relationship with her father was her first experience with male attention and that relationship was for her the model for all of her future relationships with men.

If the traditional father-daughter relationship never developed, she may feel a deep need to sexually please an older, fatherly man in the hopes of earning the approval she missed as a child. It's a case of compensating for what she missed as a child. .

This commonly causes her to feel deeply inferior with little or no self-esteem. The approval of an older man can help boost her flagging sense of self-confidence. And that leaves her willing, even eager to do virtually anything to earn the approval of her DaddyDOM.


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